Microvascular Doppler

The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System Ideal for Microvascular Surgical Procedures Provides a high degree of precision without obscuring the surgical view.

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The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System with disposable probe provides immediate identification and evaluation of blood flows intraoperatively. It is cost-effective and ideal for intraoperative use in microsurgical procedures,Integrates a miniature probe tip with a high operating frequency  and Emits a tightly focused signal, imparting the precision required for microsurgery.

Microvascular Doppler

“The VTI Doppler is an important instrument for the urologist performing microsurgery. It is routinely used during all my varicocele repairs.” – Larry I. Lipshultz, M.D., Baylor College of Medicine

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