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Pure Tone Audiometry is still the gold standard for assessing hearing loss. In VERO, it is available as class 3 audiometer (IEC 60645-1) with additional features: talk over, external input, high frequencies up to 16 kHz…

SENTIERO ADVANCED ABR Quick and Diagnostic (SOH06) TE or DPOAE & ABR (SOH07) ABR, OAE & Audio (SOH08)

SENTIERO // Diagnotic Diagnostic OAE – both TEOAE and DPOAE (SOH 04) Not only diagnostic TEOAE, but also DPOAE and the patented automated ‘cochlear audiograms’ based on DPOAE Threshold estimation are in this set. Enjoy the use of an optimized workflow and the speed up by testing both ears simultaneously at double speed!

SENTI // ANDHELD Air & Bone Audiometry (SIH03) ---- Full feature class 3 pure tone audiometry with air, bone, masking and autometry (Hughson Westlake and Bekesy Style).   

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