NEURO Super Microscope - MM90/ MM80

Surgical neuroscope with essential parameters supercharged to microneurovascular surgery needs.

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Microscope essentials supercharged

Image quality and precise handling are the most important features of any surgical microscope. Years of experience have enabled Mitaka engineers to achieve perfection in both.


Magnification with resolution

The high-resolution optical design of the MM90/MM80, adopting an 8:1 zoom ratio, achieves a magnification of 21.6x. Surgeons can observe a sharp and clear image of the anatomical details. An exceptionally bright optical path allows for the visualization of incredibly fine vessels and brain structure s to improve brightness, clarity and color authenticity of observation.


Feature of overhead SOH stand

Auto Balance

Mitaka Kohki has been involved in astronomical optical devices for years. The SOH stand was developed utilizing its high-precision technology and innovative solutions with a single button for operation, ensuring unprecedented weightless balance.


Unique feature of MM90

360° binocular

The unique rotating binocular has the ability to change the side assistant's position without detachment. It is fully automatically balanced by the SOH stand.



Wide-range multi-focus

The neuroscope is equipped with a unique apochromatic optical unit and an electric stepless 8:1 zoom. The wide-range multi-focus is capable of capturing a vivid image at each working distance.


Native magnification

The reference optics in the Mitaka MM90/MM80 surpass standard microscopes thanks to its native 21.6x magnification, achieved without the need for extending accessories.


Laser focus guide

A laser guide beam indicates the focus position when moving the microscope. The indicator allows a quick and accurate focus adjustment.



Optional feature of MM90 and MM80

High-Speed Zoom

Mitaka developed the High-Speed Zoom as a further step forward. Recurring zoom operation is not only fast but also remarkably smooth


Zoom in-out in 0.45 sec


Unparalleled stability

The reference quality of Mitaka precision mechanics - derived from the space industry - creates the "zero-weight" feeling while working with a Mitaka supermicroscope. The Overhead YOH and SOH stands have the shock-absorbing system installed, which eliminates vibrations caused by external forces as well as those generated while manoeuvring. All movements are counter-balanced by the balance mechanics, including starting and braking, and are thus extremely smooth and accurate.

Full integration

Perfect synergy between man and machine makes it possible to work smoothly and quickly. Accuracy, quality and stability are second to none. Just as the surgeon demands.


Smart and compact

In the limited space of an operating field, where many devices may be concentrated, the small size of the MM90/MM80 body gives plenty of room to create a workspace in the surgical field. Reference optics provides a large range of working distance from 200 to 600 mm - comfortable and safe.

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