Fusion Bx

“Fusion Bx is easy-to-use, innovative technology that provides me and my patients ready access and seamless introduction of a fusion system into my routine office-based TRUS biopsy.”

– Dr. W. Barzell MD, FRCS(C), FACS, Nov 2016

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Prostate cancer is the only solid cancer still diagnosed through random sampling. Get accurate and meaningful results faster with a targeted approach.



Thoughtfully engineered, the semi-robotic arm of the Fusion Bx allows you to effortlessly maneuver the probe to accurately locate and target suspicious regions of interest.


Semi-Robotic Arm

An unrestricted range of motion allows freehand-like access to the entire prostate, while maintaining consistent probe pressure to minimize prostate deformation.


Intuitive Interface

Fusion Bx is driven by a step-by-step guided workflow that enables urologists to perform procedures in less time and with minimal training. Moreover, buttons on the stepper allow urologists to advance through most of the procedure without having to take their hands off the probe.


1. Study

MRI scans can be imported from USB, DVD, network or PACS

2. Sweep

3D model of prostate is generated from 2D ultrasound images.

3. Register 

Rigid and elastic registration accounts for shape and size differences.

4. Biopsy 

Fused targets from MRI are superimposed onto live ultrasound.


Universal Compatibility

Most ultrasound probes can be connected with ease using the corresponding holster, and both transrectal and transperineal approaches are supported.

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