BVT01 Bladder Scanner


is a 3D ultrasound medical device to quickly and accurately measure the bladder volume and post void residual volume

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Why use BVT01 

The bladder management towards paraplegics is the important part of daily care. Because either the patient or nurse can not judge the bladder volume according to the experience, the patient's bladder sometiomes overfill, such potential risk of the upper urinary tract deterioration, exists,and frequent catheterization increases the occurrence rate of the infection of iatrogenic urinart system. And frequent insert catheter will increase the pain and psychological burden to the patient, more easy to damage the urinary tract




- Multi-language customized 

- Build-in graphics thermal printer

- Dual-power supply

- 5.7" Color touch LCD, convenient for patient and user operation

- Easily review 12 frame of scan slices 

- USB port support massive data storage and software update

- Dual-power supply mode, increase mobility, built-in large capacity battery support more than 8 working hours

- 2D pre-scan image can clearly show 2D structure of Bladder, effectivelt assist to get accurate measurement result.

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