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CryoCare CS

Cryoablation – Interventional Radiology

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Superior Visualization [1,2,3,4]

Clearly visualize the ‘ice-ball’ on imaging in real-time to confirm ablation zones adjacent to vulnerable structures (spinal column and the bowel) and minimize risk of thermal injury. Overcome ‘cold sink’ effects particularly centrally within the kidney.


Definitive Control [4,5]

Cytotoxic temperatures are delivered to the tissues within seconds due to rapid, high-pressure argon gas expansion by the Joule-Thomson effect. Endocare Cryoprobes are each equipped with an integrated temperature sensor to monitor probe performance during the procedure.


Adjustable Isotherms [6]

The Endocare V-Probe is the only cryoprobe available on the market capable of producing an array of ‘ice-ball’ sizes. Control the size of the isotherm by moving an adjustable slider with your thumb. Available in straight and right-angled configurations.


Cryocare SL System Highlights

1. Streamlined version of the Cryocare CS® designed for the interventional radiologist.
2. Delivers the same level of performance and functionality as the Cryocare CS® system.
3. Simple and streamlined software interface for procedural efficiency.
4. The console can independently control up to eight (8), single-use, disposable cryoprobes.
5. Each cryoprobe incorporates a thermocouple to measure internal cryoprobe temperatures.
6. The console can also control up to eight independent TempProbe

Achieve Definitive Control with V-Probe® Cryoprobes

Indications For Use:

The Cryocare SL® System is intended for use in the areas of general surgery, urology, gynecology, oncology, neurology, pulmonary and thoracic surgery, dermatology, ENT, and proctology. The system is designed to freeze/ablate tissue by the application of extreme cold temperatures including prostate and kidney tissue, liver metastases, tumors, skin lesions, and warts.


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