GreenLight XPS™ Photoselective Vaporation of the Prostate

The GreenLight XPSTM Laser Therapy System is a 180W, 532nm wavelength laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It’s redefining the standard of care for BPH.

More details

Built on the GreenLight HPSTM system, the GreenLight XPSTM system increases the power and area of the laser beam by 50%, providing a wider tissue vaporization effect without sacrificing depth of vaporization or coagulation.1 Its 532nm wavelength vaporizes prostate tissue without charring and limits penetration, leaving a thin rim of coagulated tissue that aids in hemostasis.2 It has been found to cost less than TURP while providing similar clinical outcomes.3, 4 The system can be used for patients on anticoagulants, in urinary retention, or who have large glands >100 ml.