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 RIGISCAN Rigidity Assessment System is an ambulatory data logging unit that measures and records penile rigidity and tumescence. It is linked by cable to an IBM-compatible computer, which downloads and processes the data, stores it for review, and prints it on command.

More details

The RigiScan® Plus Monitor takes a measurement when this force is applied to record a cross sectional response to radial compression. This is how rigidity is measured.

 Rigidity Assessment System 

Real-time Monitoring 

One of the options on the RigiScan® Contents screen is RTM (Real-time Monitoring). Real-time Monitoring is useful for collecting rigidity and tumescence data for immediate analysis, which can be done in the privacy of your office or the sleep laboratory. At the same time the RigiScan® Plus Monitor is storing the patient’s data, you can view it on your computer screen. Real-time Monitoring can be performed in the Provocative or Nocturnal mode. If you select the provocative method of testing during initialization, and then click RTM, the Provocative Real-time Mode Graphs screen will open.


Mode Graphs Display 

Base rigidity and tip rigidity are expressed on the left margin of the graph as percentages ranging from 0% to 100%. 


Nocturnal & Provocative Collection Modes 

 There are two different modes of data collection: Nocturnal and Provocative. Each method processes data differently in order to establish an accurate estimate of the baseline penile circumference.

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