Sonasource is a platform technology that provides the foundation for all of SonaCare Medical's focused ultrasound probes.

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Sonasource, in combination with Sonachill, acts as the foundation for all of SonaCare Medical's HIFU probes. Sonasource is comprised of several integrated programmable hardware and software modules that are used to drive and control SonaCare Medical's probes. The console includes all electronics required for user interaction with all probe imaging and treatment functions.

Also included with Sonasource is Sonachill, a state-of-the-art water degasser, cooler and circulator used to ensure temperature stabilization and acoustic coupling with targeted tissue.


The Sonasource platform has been designed and has received regulatory authorization to be used with multiple probes and ablation delivery devices. In addition to Sonablate and Sonatherm probes that are being used for prostate and kidney conditions currently, SonaCare Medical will be commercializing additional probes, exploring additional clinical applications for existing probes, and researching further uses for therapeutic ultrasound, both ablative and non-ablative in nature.

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