ANGIO MENTOR™ - Coronary Bifurcation module (New!)

Coronary Bifurcation Module

This module provides hands-on training of advanced cardiac catheterization skills while treating coronary bifurcation lesions.

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The Coronary Bifurcation module provides training on complex bifurcation lesions treatment using advanced techniques.

The prevalence of bifurcation stenosis in the human coronary tree is reported to be between 15% to 20% of all interventions and is considered complex and challenging for percutaneous intervention.

In this module, the user will be able to identify the bifurcation technique that should be used according to the patient anatomy and execute the step-by-step required to treat the relevant bifurcation stenosis.


The trainee can practice a complete percutaneous coronary intervention under fluoroscopic guidance, using a variety of cath lab tools such as diagnostic catheters, aspiration catheters, wires, guiding catheters, PTA balloons, and stents.

Patient anatomy and pathology vary and include left and right dominant coronary anatomy, presenting different locations of lesions. Each case offers a different patient scenario, including acute coronary syndrome and multi-vessel disease and allows for realistic training of different treatment techniques. During the case, the trainee may encounter complications which will need to be attended, using various devices and drugs.


Learning Objectives:


-Learn to identify the side branch and main branch

-Learn to assess lesion severity

-Practice decision algorithm – which branch to treat first? which treatment strategy/technique is optimal

-Learn and practice the steps of various techniques

-Practice main branch and side branch wiring

-Practice provisional optimization technique (POT)

-Practice performing kissing balloons

-Learn how to interpret relevant IVUS images

-Practice management of complications

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