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A cross-specialty solution for ultrasound training The U/S Mentor™ is a high-end medical simulator for the training of ultrasound-related examinations and interventions.

The bk5000™ Ultrasound System, the newest addition to its flagshipBK Ultrasound brand products. The design of the bk5000 will give surgeons the real-time guidance they need in the operating room, seamlessly fitting into the rhythm of the surgical team.

Sonasource is a platform technology that provides the foundation for all of SonaCare Medical's focused ultrasound probes.

bkFusion ,MRI/US Fusion Prostate Biopsy - Guided Prostate Biopsies  MR ultrasound fusion guidance is the smart choice for enhanced lesion targeting accuracy with needles. --

bk Specto Excellent Image Quality Expert Ultrasound Guidance for You Procedure

BVT01 Bladder Scanner ----- is a 3D ultrasound medical device to quickly and accurately measure the bladder volume and post void residual volume

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