EMBOZENE Microspheres

EMBOZENE TM Microspheres



Embozene Microspheres are availale in prefilled 1mL and 2mL syringes

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EMBOZENE TM Microspheres




Precise Calibration

- Offered in a broad range of tightly calibrated sizes

- 95% of the microspheres are within the stated size variance, resulting in greater confidence when performing 

   super selective and targeted embolization procedures.


Procedural Control 

-  Individually colored to enhance visualization and aid in size recognition

-  Largest array of distinctly sized microspheres 

-  Sold in single units


Applied Use 

Embozene  Microspheres are indicated for the embolization of:

-  Arteriovenous malformations (A.V.M.)

-  Hypervascular tumors (H.V.T.), including uterine fibroids and hepatoma


Embozene Microspheres

-  Color-coded to enhance visualization and aid in size recognition 

-  Sold as single syringe units 

-  3-year shelf life from date of manufacture


Size REF 1mL REF2 mL
     40µm 10410-S1


     75µm 10710-S1 10720-S1
     100µm 11010-S1 11020-S1
     250µm 12010-S1 12020-S1
     400µm 14010-S1 14020-S1
     500µm 15010-S1 15020-S1
     700µm 17010-S1 17020-S1
     900µm 19010-S1 19020-S1
     1100µm 111010-S1 111020-S1
     1300µm 113010-S1 113020-S1

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