bk 3500 Clarity, Pure and Simple Ultra High Resolution Ultrasound System

Enhanced Visualization -The value is as clear as the images it offers:

 An ultrasound system that delivers high resolution imaging with a simple, user-friendly interface and workflow. With this powerful combination, the BK3500makes it easier than ever to see what you need to see and do what u need to do.

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Performance That’s Clear to see

With an exceptionally powerful ultrasound image engine, the bk3500 allows you to quickly acquire the high quality images you need with minimal tuning and adjustment.


Its advance beam forming ensures that image quality and high frame rates ae not degraded even when utilizing color and Doppler on large areas. This unsurpassed level of clarity enables you to keep your focus on the patient while maintaining control in your hands.


Intuitive Workflow ingenuity in action

The value of the bk3500 goes beyond the images it captures. With its intuitive workflow, user interface and functional physical design, the operation of the system is as simple as it is seamless.


From the integrated bar code reader that makes it easier to get things started, to the responsive touchscreen that literally guides you through the procedure, the bk3500 enables you to make the critical decisions that are informed by ultrasound imaging. 

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