bk 5000 Ultrasound System Designed for Surgery

The bk5000™ Ultrasound System, the newest addition to its flagshipBK Ultrasound brand products. The design of the bk5000 will give surgeons the real-time guidance they need in the operating room, seamlessly fitting into the rhythm of the surgical team.

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The bk5000 is designed to help surgeons work smarter and faster. The superior image quality of the bk5000 provides surgeons with the anatomical detail they need to help confirm or adjust their procedure in real-time. The new No-Touch Autogain feature rapidly and automatically optimizes image quality without user intervention, independent of depth, by adapting gain to different environments.


The all- new design of the bk5000 will give you the real-time guidance you need in the OR. seamlessly fitting into the rthythm of the team. With an emphasis on what matters, the screen and transducer, the bk5000 was purposely designed to be a natural extension of your capabilities. The bk5000 also features a remote control for convenient and effecctive operation in the sterile field. Ensuring that your absolute focus is never distrupted, so you get help finding exactly what your are looing for.


Desined for Simplicity

Small Footprint

Large 19-Inch Monitor

20-second boot time

Surgical Presets and no Touch auto Gain 

Fast Frame Rate

Many Channels,Many Beans


Biplance Tranducers 

Contrast Imaging

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