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The BRONCH Mentor provides a comprehensive solution for the flexible bronchoscopy training needs of pulmonary and critical care physicians, anesthesiologists and interventional pulmonologists.

bk3000 Ultra High Resolution Ultrasound System The bk3000 allows you to routinely see anatomy and micro-vascularization not seen with conventional ultrasound.

bk Specto Excellent Image Quality Expert Ultrasound Guidance for You Procedure

SENTIERO ADVANCED ABR Quick and Diagnostic (SOH06) TE or DPOAE & ABR (SOH07) ABR, OAE & Audio (SOH08)

SENTIERO // Diagnotic Diagnostic OAE – both TEOAE and DPOAE (SOH 04) Not only diagnostic TEOAE, but also DPOAE and the patented automated ‘cochlear audiograms’ based on DPOAE Threshold estimation are in this set. Enjoy the use of an optimized workflow and the speed up by testing both ears simultaneously at double speed!

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